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FTA 2011

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2013 Myron E. Schoen Service
to Judaism Award Winner:
Larry Glickman, FTA

Glickman, Larry

Larry Glickman, FTA has served NATA well as a board member, officer, teacher, leader, but his efforts have gone beyond serving just NATA . . .

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November 9-13, 2014






2011 Conf.a

A key component of the NATA Mission Statement includes providing educational opportunities for administrators so as to enable them to more effectively fulfill their responsibilities. Furthering the education of the NATA members, who act as key leaders of their respective synagogues, is of utmost importance to the mission of NATA. It is understood that study and continued education will enhance the competence of NATA members.

NATA offers a variety of leadership, management and administrative resources to build and improve those skills concerning facilities, finance, fundraising, membership, office systems, personnel and public relations. NATA has the tools for members of various backgrounds, education and professional development. Some of those resources include annual conferences, workshops, webinars, The Tent listserve, and training for FTA (Fellow in Temple Administration).

Resident seminars, held annually, provide in-depth courses on topics related to all areas of synagogue administration. All these programs offer participants valuable opportunities for networking, fellowship and professional growth.

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