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Round logo with dolphin jumping out of the water - "Surfing Through the Waves"

2022 Annual Conference

November 5-8, 2022

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Join Us!

NATA's 2022 Annual Conference promises to be a valuable experience for all! We are excited to bring you dynamic Keynote Speakers, interactive workshops with practical tools and tips for implementation, and meaningful connections with peers from around North America and beyond.

This year's theme, Surfing Through the Waves, will focus on three areas for supporting NATA members to lead your communities with excellence:

  • Breaking Barriers - Focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion, and addressing challenges to creating welcoming and inclusive environments for all people.
  • Navigating a Changing World - Addressing the major societal, technological, and workplace culture shifts that have emerged in the past few years.
  • Seas the Day! - Bringing us back to the "why" of what we do in our everyday lives at work, at home, and in our community, creating collaborative and supportive work environments, and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

All NATA members are eligible to attend the conference. If you are not a member and would like more information, please peruse our Membership Information!

Registration Information


Early Bird Registration through September 15, 2022

  • $850 Regular & Associate Members
  • $950 All Others

Registration after September 15, 2022

  • $950 Regular & Associate Members
  • $1050 All Others

Coming Soon!
Registration for the 2022 conference opens in July.

Meet the Conference Planning Team

(Seen enjoying the pre-conference site visit in Clearwater Beach!)

Sarah Cohen Gotlieb
Conference Co-Chair
Sarah Cohen Gotlieb Conference Co-Chair
Brett Shankman
Conference Co-Chair
Brett Shankman Conference Co-Chair
Holly Krakow
Education Co-Chair
Holly Krakow Education Co-Chair
Stuart Brown
Education Co-Chair
Stuart Brown Education Co-Chair
Michael Kancher
Oversight Officer
Michael Kancher Oversight Officer
Paula Markovitz
Executive Director
Paula Markovitz Executive Director

It takes a significant number of volunteers to put together a successful conference each year. In addition to the conference leadership team, many other NATA members devote their time and resources to creating a memorable and meaningful event.


Drew Barkley

Stacie Gabert

Aaron Robbin

Jane Sable-Friedman

Steven Stark

Debbie Vinocur

Sarah Wilschek

First Timers

Steve Winer (chair)

Scott Nelson

Jennifer Levin-Tavares


Local Activities

Jennifer Smith


Lauren Kaplan (chair)

Toby Berkow

Renee Higer

Joie Magnone

Mary Mansfield

Sarabeth Salzman

Sarah Wilschek


Ben Wachstein



Bekki Harris Kaplan


Andrew Appel (chair)

David Lamden

Peter Pishko

Chip Schrager


Tribute Ads

Stephanie Pollock

Eileen Schneyman

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