About Us


What is the National Association for Temple Administration?

Founded in 1941, the National Association for Temple Administration (NATA) is the professional organization for those who serve synagogues as executives, administrators, or managers. The organization has more than 400 members from North America and Australia. NATA is dedicated to improving the management of Judaism’s key institution: the synagogue.

NATA offers regular webinars and annual conferences which feature the latest information on management techniques concerning facilities, finance, fundraising, human resources, membership, office systems personnel, public relations, and security. NATA offers its members a social networking tool to openly connect and engage with other NATA members. In addition, NATA offers bi-annual resident seminars which provide in-depth courses on topics related to all areas of synagogue administration, Judaic studies, and Hebrew instruction. All these programs offer participants valuable opportunities for networking, fellowship and professional growth.

Some additional services that NATA offers are Career Listings, NATA Journals, and a Certification Program where a Fellow in Temple Administration is awarded to NATA members who have passed all the certification training, including the writing of a professional thesis or project.