NATA Membership Applications

Why join NATA? Check out the NATA Benefits page on this website for just a few of the important reasons why you should join!

NATA is an organization committed to the education and support of its members. Colleagues are available to help each other with advice, guidance and expertise at a moment's notice. NATA provides exceptional training for our membership with continuing educational opportunities, classes, conferences, and upcoming webinars. We also offer a joint certification program in which you can earn a Fellow in Temple Administration (FTA) certificate.

Joining NATA is a positive step in the advancement of your career. If you are not a member please consider joining now, and we would be happy to welcome you! For more information about membership, please contact us at (800) 966-NATA or

Here are the two steps to join NATA: 

  • If you are joining as a Regular member, download the current NATA Dues Chart
  • Apply at the appropriate membership type below:


A NATA Regular member is defined as any person employed by a synagogue as the Senior Administrative person.

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A NATA Affiliate member is defined as a senior professional whose employment is related to: (i) synagogue management and whose primary membership is with a different organization or (ii) Jewish communal administration.

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An Associate NATA member is defined as any person who is not the Senior Administrative professional at a synagogue, but who is designated by the President or Executive Director as having at least one operational function, who serves a Jewish congregation and is compensated by that congregation.

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NATA maintains an active and reasonably priced alumni membership so that even after your synagogue career has ended, you can maintain the strong relationships created through our organization. Eligibility for an Alumni membership is defined as "any person who has been a Regular NATA member for at least five years and has retired or left the field." If you are interested, please email Paula Markovitz to activate your membership.


Current members of NAASE may request courtesy access to the resources of NATA as an extension of their NAASE membership. All applications will be reviewed by both NATA and NAASE prior to activation.

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For further questions, please contact us at 800-966-NATA (6282)