NATA Awards

An Opportunity to Honor Your Executive Director!

NATA gives out two awards every year at the annual conference where we welcome Executive Directors and Administrators from all over the world to connect, learn, and grow together. We welcome you to submit your well-deserved Executive Director for an award at any time!

Here is a link to submit an online form for a NATA Award

  • The Myron E. Schoen SERVICE TO COMMUNITY Award is presented to a NATA Member who has made outstanding contributions to the broader community through service & engagement. Their contribution in cultural, educational, social action, health and interfaith arenas contribute to a more beautiful, well-rounded community for all. 
  • The SERVICE TO NATA Award is presented to a NATA member who has contributed greatly to the development and success of the organization through outstanding leadership, service and mentorship to fellow colleagues. This award recognizes the highest standard of teamwork and excellence to grow the mission and vision of NATA.

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Thank you!