URJ and Professional Organizations

NATA works in partnership with other URJ professional organizations:

  • Advancing Temple Institutional Development (ATID)
    ADID fosters professional connections and sharing resources to strengthen financial resource development in congregations across North America.
  • American Conference of Cantors
    The ACC supports its members in their sacred calling as emissaries for Judaism and Jewish music.
  • ARZA – Association of Reform Zionists of America
    The Zionist arm and voice of the Reform Movement in the US, ARZA endeavors to make Israel fundamental to the sacred lives and Jewish identity of Reform Jews.
  • The Association of Reform Jewish Educators (ARJE)
    The ARJE is the voice for Reform Jewish education. We advance the profession of the Jewish educator. We are dedicated to inspiring excellence in Jewish education
  • Central Conference of American Rabbis
    The CCAR is the organized rabbinate for Reform Judaism which enriches and strengthens the Jewish community by empowering Reform Rabbis to provide religious, spiritual and organizational leadership.
  • ECE-RJ offers support, resources and professional development opportunities to early childhood educators, professionals and congregational leaders.
  • PEP-RJ is a community of engagement, program, membership, outreach and communications professionals across the Reform Movement.  Members share resources and collaborative learning experiences, providing tools to create inspiring programs and build meaningful relationships with congregants.
  • Reform Pension Board 
    Reform Pension Board (RPB) provides a pension plan, life insurance, and long-term disability insurance to eligible Reform Movement professionals. Membership with NATA and employment with a URJ-affiliated congregation are eligibility criteria for joining the RPB. Contact the RPB office to request an enrollment package for the RPB programs via the website,
  • Religious Action Center (RAC)
    The RAC staff has created a “How-to Guide” for congregations and communities to respond to the Westboro Baptist Church and similar organizations. The guide includes information, alternatives to confrontation, and program resources. Find the document here

NATA works in partnership with other organizations:

  • The North American Association of Synagogue Executives (NAASE)
    NATA has long been proud of its close friendship and association with NAASE, a wonderful organization that continues the tradition of programming excellence in serving the professional needs of Conservative Synagogue Executives.
  • The Church Network
    An inter-denominational, professional, Christian organization which exists to serve the church by promoting professional competence in individuals serving as administrators in local churches.