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Leadership Development

Group of 6 people standing together in Jewish synagogue
Top row: Holly Krakow, Jason Plotkin, Lauren Snyder.
Bottom Row: Joie Magnone, Sarah Wilschek, Elaine Schneyman

2023 Leadership Cohort

As a volunteer organization lead by its members, NATA encourages members to get involved in the governance of the organization and actively supports members to build their leadership skills though the leadership development program.

The Path to NATA Leadership

NATA's leadership development program is designed to engage members in the work of the organization and build on each member's individual areas of interest. Each stage of leadership development prepares you for the next level and helps build your familiarity with the organization and how it operates.

Early involvement with NATA may include:

  • Connecting with an onboarding coach to learn about the organization and benefits of membership.
  • Participating in monthly virtual forum discussions via Zoom.
  • Interacting with peers in online forums on our members-only networking site.
  • Attending the annual conference.

Activities in the next stage on the way to NATA leadership include:

  • Contributing to the governance of the organization by joining a committee. A variety of committees ensures members can engage in activities they are most passionate about.
  • Enroll in NATA's online management classes or plan to attend the NATA Institute. These classes are required to reach Senior status, and Senior status is required to serve on the Board of Directors.

As you become more involved and begin to build relationships throughout the organization:

  • The Leadership Development chairperson may reach out to talk with you about leadership opportunities, including chairing a committee.
  • Interested candidates are invited to attend the annual Board retreat with a small cohort of other future leaders. This provides you the opportunity to interact directly with the Board of Directors for 2-3 days and to get immersed in the senior level leadership activities.
  • Once Senior Status is achieved, you become eligible for nomination to the NATA Board of Directors.

Developing the future leaders of NATA is a vital part of ensuring a vibrant and sustainable future for the benefit of all NATA members. We hope you will consider not just becoming a member, but also following the path to being a leader of the organization.

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