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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

NATA prepares and inspires synagogue management professionals to serve and lead congregations with excellence by enriching members' professional and personal development, serving as the voice of synagogue management, and advancing and promoting the profession.

Our Vision

Synagogues and other vibrant centers of Jewish life engage outstanding talent and have the necessary resources to thrive and evolve.

Our Values

NATA and its members embrace these core values as the guideposts for how we function individually and collectively, and how we approach our work as synagogue professionals. Each of these reflects pillars for the work we do and the people we want to be.

Build Community

Arevut Hadadit | Mutual Responsibility

  • Support our members individually and collectively as they confront personal and professional challenges
  • Be inclusive and embrace the diversity of the people with whom we work and those who make up our communities.
Enable Ourselves & Others to Act

Chizuk | Empowerment

  • Strengthen our members by mentoring colleagues and raising the level of education and common knowledge.
  • Serve as teachers, doers, and leaders within NATA, helping to strengthen our organization so that it can continue to thrive.
Give of One’s Heart and Soul

Chesed (Kindness) & Kavanah (Mindfulness)

  • Create, maintain, and enhance caring and generous relationships with NATA colleagues and in our own communities.
  • Be fully engaged in our work and our community with an open heart, curiosity, and a commitment to excellence.
  • Initiate and participate in acts of loving-kindness.
Live our Torah

Tohar HaMidot (Ethical Person)

  • Behave ethically in our work and in our relationships by showing respect, being trustworthy, and acting with integrity.
  • Strive to be self-aware and recognize our own biases and that of others.
Model the Way

Dugmah Ishit (Personal Example)

  • Inspire others and lead innovation by representing the best practices in our field and demonstrating a deep commitment to Judaism.
  • Collaborate with and support our congregational lay and professional leadership.
  • Value ourselves by maintaining our work-life balance, our health, our family, and other personal relationships.
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