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NATA is pleased to post job openings for synagogues hiring Executive Directors, Administrators, and other Senior Executives who qualify for Regular NATA membership.

Note that NATA does not offer placement services. We do not match candidates with jobs and do not endorse any candidates or the congregations or organizations that post jobs on our site.

Membership is not required to access the job board, which means the job board is not limited to just our members and anyone visiting our website can search for jobs, increasing exposure beyond NATA membership.

Guidelines for Posting a Job

Effective July 1, 2023, the following rules apply to posting jobs on the NATA Career Opportunities page:

  • Only jobs for synagogue Executive Directors, Administrators, or similar job titles eligible for Regular NATA membership will be posted.
  • NATA members may post job openings at no cost. Synagogues who are searching for the replacement of a recent NATA member may also post at no cost with approval from the NATA Executive Director.
  • Synagogues that do not have and have not had an active NATA member on their staff may post job openings at a minimal cost of $50 for 90 days. If the person hired to fill the position joins NATA within 90 days of being hired, they will receive a $50 credit toward their initial annual membership dues. The cost includes a free consultation with the search committee.
  • A 60-day Featured Listing is also available for $100. This keeps your post at the top of the list.
  • Hiring firms wishing to post a job opening must pay for the post regardless of current NATA membership status of any staff at the synagogue being represented.
  • Salary Range information is required for all job posts.
  • Job posters may login and edit job posts at any time. All updates will be in pending status until approved by NATA.
  • NATA staff is more than happy to consult with lay leaders who have questions or need help at any point in the search process at no cost.

Instructions for Posting a Job

To get started:

  • Current NATA members may log into MemberHub, navigate to Career Opportunities, click the Add button to complete the form and submit for approval.
  • All others must request access to our password-protected portal in order to submit a job post. You will receive an invitation to create an account.

Once access is granted to submit a job opening, use these tips for posting on the NATA job board:

  • For best search results, copy and paste the full job description to the description field and format the text as needed. NATA staff may update the formatting for aesthetic consistency across all job posts.
  • Upload the full job description as a PDF document.
  • Be sure to include instructions on how to apply for the position. There is no mechanism for applicants to apply on our website, you must tell them how to submit their application for the position.
  • Salary range fields must be completed.
  • Upload your synagogue/organization logo in the Search Results image area. View the career opportunities page to see how logos are displayed.
  • Additional photos may be added to a gallery to provide additional insights into your organization.

Want to schedule a consultation with the NATA Executive Director about your job search and/or job description development? Common topics of discussion are:

  • Current trends in the job market
  • Review of job description
  • Salary and benefits consideration
  • Hiring process - how to get started, estimated time frames, best practices
  • Reporting hierarchy and organizational structure
  • Establishing realistic expectations for the position, the candidates, and the Board

Job Description Review

Does your search committee need help developing the job description? NATA is here to help! You're invited to contact us to schedule a consultation. We may also reach out to you if we have any recommendations for improving your job listing and/or position description before approving it for posting.

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